What is the best secure messaging app for business

Business efficiency largely depends on the quality and speed of communication: within the team, with customers, suppliers and partners. The most convenient tool for this purpose is a text messaging app for business. It will help you establish work when switching to a remote mode or in the system of branches of a large company.

In this article, we will tell you why you should choose a secure messaging app for business and which brands you should focus on.

Why choose a messaging App for a business?

The main possibilities of the group messaging app for business includes:

  • correspondence;
  • exchange of documents, images, audio and video files;
  • audio and video calls, organization of conferences;
  • thematic chats, to which only certain employees can be connected.

Messaging app for business is a convenient solution if:

  • departments are located in different buildings, districts or cities;
  • you have a lot of office and remote employees, you often gather at planning meetings;
  • you need an immediate response to requests, for example, a quick reporting.
The importance of using secure messaging app for business

The importance of using secure messaging app for business

Corporate instant messaging apps are created specifically for business. They have a lot of useful functions and an increased level of data transfer security because of using end-to-end encryption. The messaging app can be customized to the needs of the company and its work can be controlled through the IT department. The software manufacturer will promptly eliminate some technical problems.

What kind of messaging Apps for a business exist?

When choosing a messaging app for business, keep in mind that there are some of the following varieties. At the same time, the boundaries of differences are blurred: in many applications there is a diverse set of functions — the main thing is which of them is emphasized:

  1. Instant messaging app for business. It allows you to exchange messages in real time. Messages can contain both textual information and various files — images, sound and video. In some of these applications, the functions of making video and audio calls are implemented.
  2. Messengers with the function of making video calls. The most common example is Skype. Their main task is to make video calls, including group ones. The ability to send text messages is also present.
  3. Messengers with the function of making audio calls. An example is the Silent Phone. They are designed to quickly make audio calls (both between two colleagues and among a group).

In addition, messaging apps for business are divided into mass (with poor protection) and secure (with encryption).

Why is it important to use an encrypted messaging app?

It seems that only you and the interlocutors participate in corporate communication. However, as history shows, there are many persons trying to spy on people's communications on the Internet:

  1. Corporations spend a lot of money on espionage. This allows them to have complete information about the progress of competitors.
  2. Hackers want to use this information to steal your personal data, money, sell your plans to competitors, or blackmail you.
  3. Governments want to know everything you think and do.

If you don’t use a secure application, one or all of the categories of persons described above can easily intercept your data if they wish. The best solution for corporate communication is to use a secure messaging app for business.

Examples of secure messaging apps you might want to check

We present you the examples of the best messaging app for business, which are preferred by well-known corporations:

  • Slack. Secure messaging app for business is suitable for companies that operate in the international market. You can create teams, join company employees and colleagues from other organizations in a chat, organize chains of work tasks, and automate routine processes. The All Unreads feature shows unread messages from all chats. With the Kill Switch feature, the administrator notifies all participants to change their password.
  • Discord. You can create thematic channels, send voice and text messages, and make video calls in Discord. Chat participants can exchange files, put tags, and use bots. It’s possible to configure access rights and connect integrations through the Discord API.
The most secure instant messaging app for business

The most secure instant messaging app for business

  • Signal. Signal is considered the most secure instant messaging app for business. Its advantages include end-to-end encryption, the use of the Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) algorithm for text messages, voice messages and video calls, the publication of transparency reports and security checks, the absence of an IP address recording.
  • Wire. Wire is a great corporate communication tool. There is secure messaging, group chat and file sharing. Like Signal, Wire Personal is open source and self-destructing messages. It also requires personal information to create an account. This can be a phone number or an email address.
  • Anwork. An innovative secure messaging app for business with end-to-end encryption, the ability to send files, make video and audio calls. The user can set the time for deleting messages. Registration in the application does not require mail and phone number. All data is stored on users' phones due to the lack of a data storage server.


Using messaging apps for business is an opportunity to significantly simplify the work of company employees and ensure their comfort, quickly solving their tasks. It’s best to give preference to applications protected by encryption. This will save important corporate information and significantly ensure its security.
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