Secure communication solutions

Using a secure communication app is an important element of corporate culture. It protects data and provides confidence in personal security.

We are proud to present you Anwork — a secure communicator for communication. With it, employees of your company can send text, audio and video messages, make video and audio conferences. You can download the application from our website or from Google Play and the App Store.
No User Identification
No Phone Number or Email is required
No Storage Server for Data or Documents
The invitation code is valid only once and for one hour.
Communications and data exchange take place in closed groups available by an invitation only.
All messages and files are stored encrypted only on user’s device and automatically deleted from the device after specified amount of time.
All data is securely stored inside the application. Nothing is stored not on any third-party server
Secured file sharing. Share files of any type - from text document to company's annual report with embedded video

Secure communication software with end to end encryption

The security of one of the best mobile secure communication app is ensured by using the end-to-end encryption protocol.

In order to use the application, you don’t need to register and provide an email address. Attackers will not know about you. You can be sure that your commercial and other business data is secure. Information is encrypted with the TLS protocol and two-way SSL-pinning. The safety of Anwork has been proven by expert audit.

Why choose ANWORK

The Anwork secure communication service provides it’s business customers with a number of important security benefits:

  • communication takes place in closed groups, which can be accessed by invitation;
  • the application doesn’t require registration and entering an email address;
  • end-to-end encryption is used to protect information, as well as two-way SSL-pinning;
  • information is not stored on servers, but in the phone's memory;
  • the user can configure the function of automatic deletion of messages and files from the smartphone's memory (metadata is deleted along with messages and files);
  • you can urgently enter a PIN-code and delete the entire history of correspondence;
  • ease of use and configuration;
  • the smartphone's operating system doesn’t have access to the chat history.

Protected communication on your mobile

The Anwork secret communication app favorably differs from analogues not only in increased security level, but also in ease of use. Changing settings takes only a few seconds.

Anwork allows you to quickly perform the following actions:

  • send text messages;
  • send different kinds of files;
  • customize the display of messages and receive only the most important notifications;
  • communicate anonymously via audio and video communications, and organize conferences;
  • quickly clear your message history with an emergency PIN;
  • create notes, and set common tasks for the group.
If you have any difficulties using the application for anonymous communication, you can get ongoing technical support.

Manage Communications with ANWORK App

It’s easy to get the Anwork anonymous chat app. Just download the apk file from our website or Google Play and AppStore. We made sure that the communication of your company's employees is secure and completely anonymous.
Use cases
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