What is the best encrypted messaging app

None of us want our messages to be read by others. Especially if these messages contain important information and describe the business. Unfortunately, ordinary popular messengers don’t encrypt text and do not have other means of protecting information. A good solution is to download and install an encrypted messaging app.

In this article, we will tell you what is the best encrypted messaging app and how to make it.

What is considered an encrypted messaging App

Encrypted messengers are applications that ensure maximum safety of transmitted data.

End-to-end encryption means that the message will be encrypted until it reaches the recipient. It doesn’t matter what is in the message: text, picture, video or file containing sound.

Nobody from the outside (intelligence agencies, hackers, special utilities) can listen to or read your messages in the encrypted messaging app.
An encrypted messaging app protects information

An encrypted messaging app protects information

How it works

The encryption algorithm needs the keys to work. These keys must be the same for users and must be kept strictly secret. When most instant messengers work, a server is used that provides the user with access to his account, performs authentication, stores contact lists and helps carry out correspondence by forwarding messages.

So, when an encrypted messaging app works with end-to-end encryption, then the server doesn’t know the secret keys of subscribers and participate in any way in encrypting user messages to each other. In other words, encryption goes "through" the server. With end-to-end encryption, only users who have secret keys can read the correspondence. In this case, the server doesn’t have the keys, so the information is securely protected.
End-to-end encryption is the basis of security

End-to-end encryption is the basis of security

How to create an encrypted messaging App

Many users wonder how to make an encrypted messaging app? Is it possible to make your own application for your company:

  • Yes, but brace yourself — it's a long, hard road. It consists of the following steps.
  • Thorough market research, analysis of competitors and the behavior of your target audience. At the end, the final vision of the product is formed and the terms of reference for the product are drawn up. Required time: 96+ hours.
  • UI/UX design. The application architecture is created, its visual and functional elements are being worked out. Required time: 168+ hours.
  • Development of a mobile application, during which the functions of the application and the number of platforms for which you decide to create your application are worked out. Required time: 1480+ hours.
  • Testing and improvement. This step is for troubleshooting and polishing your secure instant messaging app. Required time: 480+ hours.

You may notice that it takes a lot of time to develop your own application. Maybe it's better not to create an encrypted messaging app, but to use one of the available applications?

What is the most secure encrypted messaging App

Signal is considered to be the most secure encrypted messaging app. Originally created by Open Whisper Systems, it has such a good encryption protocol that many other services, including giants like WhatsApp, use protocols based on it. Signal is end-to-end encrypted, open source, and completely free.

Signal is a classic messenger. The program allows you to write messages, create single and group chats (up to 1000 participants maximum), call up by voice or video (up to 8 users at the same time), share photos, emojis and videos and share location and contacts.

Signal supports sending photos and videos that disappear after a couple of seconds after reading. And Signal can also check and confirm the user's contacts, so that everyone always knows for sure that they are chatting with this person, and not a scammer. To do this, the application sometimes asks for a pin code set during registration or allows interlocutors to exchange QR codes.
Signal is the most encrypted messaging app

Signal is the most encrypted messaging app

All correspondence in the program, including video calls, calls, transferred files, etc., is always encrypted and hidden by strong E2EE encryption. This means that the above data is not stored on the messenger's servers, but on users' devices. Therefore, even the developers of the application do not have access to them.

Some examples

One option for the most secure encrypted messaging app is Wickr. Wickr uses anonymous accounts. You don’t need to enter your phone number, email address or other personal information to create an account. All messages and attachments are deleted without user commands.

The example of a good application is Wire. It’s a corporate communication tool with secure messaging, group chat, file sharing and the ability to securely work with external clients. The application requires personal information to create an account. This can be a phone number or an email address.

The promising development of the encrypted messaging app is Anwork. Registration does not require entering a phone number or password, you can set a timer for deleting messages.

The application provides confidential and secure messaging in a corporate environment. In addition to sending text messages, you can send photos, videos, documents, reports and other files, make video and audio calls, and hold encrypted audio conferences. You can set tasks, assign responsible persons and control the work.

What encrypted messaging app to choose

You should choose a promising encrypted messaging app with maximum security, such as Anwork. Enjoy all the benefits of a secure connection on your phone, download the apk file of the Anwork private calling app from our website or from Google Play and the App Store.
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