Secure encrypted phone calls App

Encrypted phone calls in the process of creating projects are your security and the confidence of your company's employees. If you want to maintain the maximum level of anonymity and keep corporate information secret, use the Anwork mobile communicator with encrypted calls option on your phone. You can download it from our website or from Google Play and the App Store.
No User Identification
No Phone Number or Email is required
No Storage Server for Data or Documents
The invitation code is valid only once and for one hour.
Communications and data exchange take place in closed groups available by an invitation only.
All messages and files are stored encrypted only on user’s device and automatically deleted from the device after specified amount of time.
All data is securely stored inside the application. Nothing is stored not on any third-party server
Secured file sharing. Share files of any type - from text document to company's annual report with embedded video

Encrypted phone calls with ANWORK App

Anwork calling app satisfies the wishes of many users. The communicator combines the functionality of anonymous text, voice and video chats.

Your employees can make calls protected by end-to-end encryption. It also provides the possibility of organizing audio conferences for up to 5 people.

Secure calling is provided by using the TLS protocol and two-way SSL pinning. Such measures ensure complete anonymity of the call.

Why choose ANWORK?

The Anwork communicator reliably provides the option of secure phone call, which will allow you to completely save corporate information. Anwork offers the following security benefits:

  • registration doesn’t require email or phone number: communication takes place in closed groups, where you can get in only by invitation (the access code is stored in it for no more than an hour)
  • users aren’t identified: information about interlocutors is stored only on their personal devices in encrypted form;
  • end-to-end encryption of calls on the phone provides an optimal level of information protection;
  • the ability to enter an emergency PIN to delete the entire history.

Who is an end to end encrypted calling app for?

The secret calling app Anwork will be useful for small and medium enterprises, as well as for large companies which appreciate high level information protection. The communicator will be especially useful for employees of IT companies — they can be sure that confidential data is protected.

Using Anwork, you can make end-to-end encrypted audio and video calls between two participants. The application also allows group audio calls for up to 5 people. To start a group call, you need to click on the icon in the upper right corner — it will take you to the window for selecting the participants in the conversation.

In addition to making secure calls, your employees can use anonymous chat, the information in which is not available to members of other groups or third parties.

Protect all of your phone calls

Enjoy all the benefits of a secure connection on your phone, download the apk file of the Anwork private calling app from our website or from Google Play and the App Store. This is a serious software with the highest level of protection which was created in order to provide maximum privacy protection for your company.
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