Safe chat app for Android

According to statistics, confidential information enters third parties through corporate messengers 3 times more often than through ordinary mail. In order to exclude such risks, we recommend that you use protected communication applications.

The Anwork secret chatting app for Android will help to solve the problems associated with communication protection. It is designed specifically for the B2B segment.

Fully Encrypted and Ephemeral Communications
For co-workers
For sales reps and customers
For partners and board members

Secure chat App for Android with end-to-end encryption

The Anwork private chatting app for Android is a mobile application that uses through encryption at all levels. It perfectly opposes cyber attacks and protects user information and data. The solution will be useful for different types of business: startups, IT developers who work on high-level secrecy projects, and large companies that need to maintain maximum confidentiality.

The communicator allows not only to communicate, but also to quickly send various data (photo, audio and video files, as well as documents).

Why choose ANWORK

Many companies have already appreciated the advantages of Anwork safe chat app for Android. Its use provides the following advantages:

  • use of innovative encryption protocols to protect against hacking;
  • user data is stored in the memory of the device;
  • communication in closed groups;
  • entrance to the application by a specially generated key;
  • possibility of transmitting different types of information;
  • option of automatic removal of messages and files (along with metadata);
  • lack of a smartphone of access to correspondence;
  • possibility of entering an emergency PIN code for removing chat.

Who is it for?

The Anwork private chatting app for Android is suitable for small and medium enterprises, as well as large companies — in general, all types of businesses that need high-quality information protection. With the help of a communicator, they can fully control the transfer of confidential data and establish effective protection of digital assets.

Anwork will be especially useful for employees of IT companies. The chat is completely encrypted, you can get into it by invitation. The application encrypts all transmitted information, so it is inaccessible to intruders.

Protect all of your communications with encrypted messaging App

Download the Anwork secure chat app Android apk file from our website or from Google Play. Using the application, you can be completely sure that the anonymity of personal data is ensured, and communication with colleagues is protected. You will need a license key to use Anwork. Contact us for information on purchasing it.
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Use cases
All data is securely stored inside the application. Nothing is stored not on any third-party server
Secured file sharing. Share files of any type - from text document to company's annual report with embedded video