Safe encrypted chat app

We present you Anwork — a secret chat app for organizing a communication channel and data exchange among employees. The solution is based on innovative encryption protocols and methods for securing personal data. Using Anwork, you can be completely confident in the security of your business. You can download Anwork from our website or from Google Play or App Store.
No User Identification
No Phone Number or Email is required
No Storage Server for Data or Documents
The invitation code is valid only once and for one hour.
Communications and data exchange take place in closed groups available by an invitation only.
All messages and files are stored encrypted only on user’s device and automatically deleted from the device after specified amount of time.
All data is securely stored inside the application. Nothing is stored not on any third-party server
Secured file sharing. Share files of any type - from text document to company's annual report with embedded video

Safe secret chat App with end to end encryption

Anwork private chat app provides excellent encryption of communication channels for any business.

By using Anwork secure chat app for business you can:

  • send text messages and files;
  • make video and audio calls;
  • organize audio conferences.

Metadata is also encrypted. They are protected using the TLS protocol and the two-way SSL pinning mechanism.

Why choose ANWORK solution

Anwork encrypted corporate chat app is used by both small and large companies. They choose secure chat for the following benefits:

  • great functionality;
  • use of modern encryption protocols;
  • the possibility of emergency deletion of data;
  • setting a timer to delete messages;
  • data protection at all levels;
  • the ability to send text messages;
  • option to make audio and video calls.

Who is a E2EE secure chat for?

Creating a secure communication channel with employees and customers is one of the main tasks for a business. The Anwork app is great for those who appreciate its following features:

  • registration is not required;
  • you don’t need to specify your mail or phone number;
  • there is no document and data storage server;
  • organized E2E encryption at all levels.

You shouldn’t worry about the quality of communications - its security is guaranteed by the use of innovative technologies.

Encrypted chat App with ANWORK

Anwork is a secure chat app for the transfer of business data. Using the communicator, you can transfer any type of files and quickly delete all correspondence by entering a PIN code. Metadata is also subject to protection.

You can download the Anwork secure communication channel application from our website or from Google Play and App Store. We will prove to you that it is to insure your business security.
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