Self hosted instant messaging chat app

Do you want your employees' and commercial data to be completely protected during work correspondence? Use a self-hosted messaging app. It allows you to simplify communication among employees and ensure the maximum level of security.

You can communicate anonymously in closed groups with the help of Anwork. You don’t need to register and enter additional data. You can download the communicator from our website, the App Store or Google Play.

No User Identification
No Phone Number or Email is required
No Storage Server for Data or Documents
The invitation code is valid only once and for one hour.
Communications and data exchange take place in closed groups available by an invitation only.
All messages and files are stored encrypted only on user’s device and automatically deleted from the device after specified amount of time.
All data is securely stored inside the application. Nothing is stored not on any third-party server
Secured file sharing. Share files of any type - from text document to company's annual report with embedded video

Who is a self hosted messaging App for?

The Anwork self-hosted messaging app is suitable for businesses of all sizes and forms. It’s useful for both small IT teams and large corporations interested in the efficiency of work processes and maximum information security.

This solution will be suitable for those who don’t want to understand the intricacies of encryption, but want to immediately enjoy the benefits. Specialists from different fields chose Anwork. They are united by one desire — complete communication security.

Self hosted instant messaging with E2EE

The Anwork self hosted chat app uses E2E encryption to send anonymous messages. The communicator doesn’t require user identification, therefore it doesn’t store personal data.

All message history is stored in encrypted form. The user independently determines the data storage time: from 1 to 14 days. After the allotted period, all information is erased. The metadata is also encrypted using the TLS protocol and two-way SSL pinning. It guarantees the anonymity of sending messages.

Self erasing text messages

An important feature of Anwork is the option of self-erasing messages. However, it isn’t the only advantage of the self-hosted web chat.

The communicator is outwardly simple, and its interface is intuitive. However, behind the strict design lies an impressive set of options useful for every employee:

  • sending anonymous messages (with the ability to transfer files in different formats up to 128 MB);
  • the ability to make video calls and organize audio conferences (up to 5 people);
  • the ability to create notes and assign executors for tasks that are listed in the note;
  • the option to communicate in a closed group, which can only be accessed by invitation;
  • the option to enter an emergency PIN code to quickly delete all correspondence;
  • prohibition to create screenshots;
  • the option of obtaining competent information assistance in case of difficulties.

Self hosted team chat & collaboration tool

Take the full advantage of the Anwork self-hosted chat platform. It's easy to do: just download the apk file from our website or from Google Play and AppStore. Your employees will be able to quickly exchange work information, and do it privately.
Use cases
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