Secure team communication App

Communication in a secure chat, video and audio calls functions greatly simplify the solution of work tasks. They allow you to quickly establish communication between employees, some of whom are in the office, and the other — outside it.

We invite you to learn all the benefits of Anwork secure team communication tool. It also allows you to send text and audio messages, and to establish secure communication. You can download the app from our website, Google Play or the App Store.
No User Identification
No Phone Number or Email is required
No Storage Server for Data or Documents
The invitation code is valid only once and for one hour.
Communications and data exchange take place in closed groups available by an invitation only.
All messages and files are stored encrypted only on user’s device and automatically deleted from the device after specified amount of time.
All data is securely stored inside the application. Nothing is stored not on any third-party server
Secured file sharing. Share files of any type - from text document to company's annual report with embedded video

Secure communication tools for remote teams

The uniqueness of the Anwork end-to-end encryption app for teams is an ability to achieve the highest possible information security. Login to the service is carried out anonymously through E2E encryption. The application doesn’t have the usual list of contacts, and data exchange is carried out within closed groups. You can get in them only by invitation.
You can be sure that your calls are safe. It is achieved in the absence of registration and email input. Nobody can get your personal data.

Anwork uses the following algorithms for security:

  • Double Ratchet Algorithm;
  • Prekeys;
  • Extended Diffie-Hellman (3-DH)
  • Curve 25519;
  • AES-526;
  • communication tools

Who is ANWORK for?

Many corporate clients are already using an internal app for team communication ANWORK to organize communication between employees. The application provides the following important benefits:

  • the interface is simple and convenient;
  • E2E encryption is used to transfer all types of data;
  • Anwork is an asymmetric communication channel, so you can send and receive messages regardless of whether or not the other user is online;
  • the application doesn’t require registration and entering an email address;
  • information is not stored on the server, but on users' mobile devices in encrypted form;
  • the time of information storage is determined by the user himself — up to 14 days;
  • messages and information are deleted along with metadata;
  • you can urgently enter a PIN-code and delete the entire history of correspondence;
  • communication takes place within closed groups, which can only be entered by invitation.

Tool for team communication with end to end encryption

The Anwork enterprise team collaboration tool is simple, but powerful. The communicator offers the following features:

  • making video calls;
  • texting messaging;
  • making audio calls (the ability to create conferences — up to 5 people);
  • creating notes for yourself and group members;
  • the ability to select an executor for the tasks specified in the note;
  • prohibition to create screenshots;
  • possibility to set a timer for self-destructing messages;
  • the ability to enter an emergency PIN-code for the rapid deletion of the entire history.
If you have any difficulties using anonymous chat for video calls, we will provide you with competent informational assistance.

Enterprise team collaboration solutions from ANWORK

Anwork provides stable and secure communication. In order to use the application for communication, download the apk file from our website or Google Play and AppStore.
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