The best practices to make your communications secure

Information security solutions are currently an integral part of all business processes and directly affect business performance. An integrated approach to building an enterprise protected from modern threats involves a combination of individual measures and solutions.

In this article, we will tell you how to secure communications and ensure maximum business security.

How to secure your communications via any device

There are several ways to secure web communications on any device. These measures will allow you to be sure of your safety:

  • get a VPN;
  • use encrypt Hotspots;
  • use encrypt messages and phone calls;
  • protect your email;
  • turn off connections when not using them.

The steps are simple but very effective.
Best practices how to secure communications

Best practices how to secure communications

What to do to secure any of your web communications

Following tips will be very useful to secure web communications:
  1. Require secure authentication. It is critical that your communications solution use secure authentication with an emphasis on strong password protection and multi-factor authentication (MFA). It means employees must use longer, more complex passwords and change these passwords regularly.
  2. Restrict unnecessary access. Not every employee should have unlimited access to all communications. For more secure communications use least privilege access to limit permissions to only those people who really need them, regardless of their level or position in your organization.
  3. Use end-to-end encryption. One of the most important steps you can take to secure communications within your organization is to encrypt all communications among employees.
  4. Do not collect metadata. A number of potentially secure communication solutions store metadata related to each communication. Even if the messages themselves are deleted, the stored metadata can reveal sensitive information to attackers, including the identities and IP addresses of senders and recipients.
The best methods how to secure web communications

The best methods how to secure web communications

By taking these steps, you can be confident that your web communications are secure.

Best practices to make all cell phone communications safe

It is equally important to decide how to secure all phone communications. Experts agree that you need to use E2E encryption, use strong passwords and backup everything. It is equally important to protect your personal data with encryption & anti-theft tools, and protect your device from unauthorized access.

What to do to ensure that video call is protected

It is equally important to secure the company email. The most effective methods include:

  • use of firewalls;
  • email security appliance — a software and hardware solution for comprehensive protection of the mail server and employees' email;
  • use of DLP solutions to protect against the transfer of confidential information;
  • installation of antiviruses.
Anwork — is the best app to secure communications

Anwork — is the best app to secure communications

Safe texting and messengers protection

You can provide secure messaging using special messengers, such as Signal, Wickr, Wire or Anwork. They are united by the use of modern encryption protocols, the security of text messages, audio and video communications, and a simple interface. You can be sure that important business information of your company is under reliable protection.

Other ways

Anwork is a great modern solution to secure web communications for the B2B sector. The application does not require registration, all communication takes place in closed groups, which can only be entered by invitation. Information is not stored on servers, and your employees can delete all correspondence by entering an emergency PIN.

Anwork has a simple interface and guarantees maximum user protection. You can download the application from our website, Google Play or AppStore.
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