Secure encrypted video chat app

Video calls are an important part of modern business. With their help, excellent communication and discussion of any work issues is achieved.

We are pleased to present you Anwork — a convenient encrypted video chat. With it, you can send not only video messages, but also regular text messages. You can download the application from the website or from Google Play and App Store.
Fully Encrypted and Ephemeral Communications
For co-workers
For sales reps and customers
For partners and board members

Secure video chat app with end to end encryption

The security of Anwork video chat for iPhone and Android is ensured by using modern encryption protocols (for example, end-to-end encryption). TLS and two-way SSL pinning are also used. Expert testing proves the safety of Anwork.

To use the communicator, you do not need to register and specify an email address. It means that attackers will not have any data about you. You'll enjoy fast app performance, high quality video, and the peace of mind that corporate data is protected.

Why choose ANWORK as video chat communication

Safe video chat app Anwork provides customers with a number of important benefits:

  • use of modern encryption protocols and two-way SSL-pinning;
  • ease of making calls;;
  • communication takes place in closed groups, it can be accessed by invitation;
  • you do not need to register to enter the application;
  • the user can set up the automatic deletion of messages and files from the smartphone's memory;
  • the user can urgently enter a PIN-code and delete the entire history of correspondence.

Who is it for?

Secure video chat Anwork can meet the requirements of both a small development company and a large corporation that needs high-quality and competent workflow support. Anwork is highly regarded for its ease of use, excellent security, and a large number of features. With it, you will be able to:

  • make video calls;
  • send text messages and different types of files;
  • customize the display of messages and receive only the most important notifications;
  • organize conferences;
  • create notes and set common tasks for the group.

Encrypted video chat app from ANWORK

Downloading the safest video chat app Anwork is easy. Just download it from the website or Google Play and AppStore. Be sure that video calls of your company's employees will be secure and completely protected. To use Anwork, you need to purchase a license key. Contact us and learn more about it.
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