What are some of the best practices for enterprise data encryption

Ensuring information security is a paramount issue that arises not only for the owners of large and small companies, but also for ordinary users. We stopped keeping cash in books, and we no longer write down important data with a pen in notebooks, but are modern services, cloud storages, and folders with files on personal computers so reliable?

Of course, it is sometimes difficult to hide confidential information from intruders, but encryption allows you to provide additional data protection — the distortion of the original information using special algorithms.

What is data encryption?

Data encryption software enterprise is a technology for encoding and decoding data. Encrypted data is the result of applying an algorithm to encode the data in order to make it unreadable. The data can only be decoded into its original form by applying a special key. Encryption is an important part of data security because it protects sensitive information from threats such as malware and unauthorized access by third parties.

Which encryption techniques are considered the most secure

Experts believe that the following encryption mechanisms are the most reliable:

  • ECC;
  • XChaCha20;
  • RC6;
  • AES;
  • Triple DES;
  • blowfish;
  • RSA;
  • Diffie-Hellman;
  • DSA;
  • ElGamal.

Each encryption method has its pros and cons. Therefore, in many cases, asymmetric encryption must be used in combination with symmetric encryption.
The best data encryption solutions for enterprise

The best data encryption solutions for enterprise

AES is currently the most popular symmetric algorithm used in many encryption services. It is also recognized as the standard in many countries. However, more and more tech giants are starting to use newer algorithms like ChaCha.

But symmetric encryption has its drawbacks — the private key must be sent to the recipient. This is where asymmetric algorithms come into play. Therefore, as of today, it will be better to use ECC in combination with ChaCha for bulletproof security and enjoy peace of mind.

Why companies may need data encryption

Even if we don't mention state secrets or trade secrets in chats, it's not pleasant to realize that the correspondence can become public.

People discuss their own fears and problems in messengers, gossip and scold others — if hackers manage to obtain and publish such data, it can be a serious blow to a person's reputation. Correspondence may also be of interest to ordinary cyberbullies and people who sell data on the black market for commercial purposes, fraud or blackmail. In order for your business to develop steadily, you need a data encryption software enterprise.
Why companies need enterprise data encryption

Why companies need enterprise data encryption

Where is it used

More often than not, websites of financial, government, educational, and trade organizations typically encrypt your data to protect it from theft and fraud. These are the main consumers of data encryption solutions for enterprise.

What data encryption solutions for enterprise are exist

To get a head start in enterprise data encryption, you can try one of the four different examples below to suit any need and budget. They are the following:

  • Boxcryptor Enterprise;
  • Jetico Enterprise Data Protection;
  • NordLocker for Business.

Data encryption software can provide your business with symmetric or asymmetric encryption of files, folders, drives, partitions, or volumes while strengthening overall cyber security.
Enterprise data encryption solutions

Enterprise data encryption solutions

How to implement data encryption

A good degree of data protection and encryption is provided by the Anwork application. It is an enterprise data encryption solution that uses end-to-end encryption and also:

  • Double Ratchet Algorithm;
  • Prekeys;
  • Extended Triple Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange (3-DH);
  • Curve 25519;
  • AES-526;
  • HMAC-SHA256.

By using the communicator, you can not only transfer data, but also organize audio and video conferences, and exchange text messages.

You can download Anwork from the website, as well as from Google Play and App Store. To use the application, you need a special key. For questions about its purchase, please contact the specified contacts.
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