Best ways to secure cloud file sharing for small business

File sharing services are an integral part of the digital life of society. They make it easy to access the files we need from anywhere and anytime. The data is stored in the resource called the cloud, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world for free or for a fee. The price depends on the amount of storage you want. The data can be accessed from your computer desktop through an application or through a browser. We will talk about the importance of file security and the best file sharing system for small businesses.

Why is it important to keep you file sharing secure

There are 4 reasons why you should use secure file sharing for small business:
  1. Improved collaboration among team members. File sharing platforms solve this problem by allowing team members to efficiently share all kinds of digital assets — videos, presentations and documents — in the same place. Employees of the company have easy access to these files, no matter where they are, which improves communication.
  2. Improved file security and authorization. File sharing platforms also include security features to protect files from theft or damage. By encrypting data, companies can transfer important documents without worrying that the document will be intercepted or corrupted along the way.
  3. Project management becomes much more organized. The secure file sharing tool ensures that your projects are organized and well managed. This results in increased productivity and increased project efficiency.
  4. Automated file syncing and backup. A file-sharing platform is essential for organizations looking for improving efficiency at minimal cost. It's a secure way to manage your digital files and assets and improve team collaboration.
The best file sharing system for small business

The best file sharing system for small business

Types of file sharing

There are many different types of file sharing, and the method you choose will depend on the types of files you're sharing and who you're sending them to:

  1. File Transfer Protocol (FTP). The most common file transfer system on the Internet today is known as the File Transfer Protocol (FTP). FTP is a network protocol used to transfer files between two computers, one of which acts as a server.
  2. Peer-to-peer (P2P). Peer-to-peer (or peer-to-peer) file sharing (P2P) uses software (not your web browser) to transfer files without the need for a central server.
  3. Cloud services. With the help of cloud sharing services, files are stored in online storage. When a user uploads their data to an online storage or platform, a unique URL is generated. When the owner of a file shares this URL with other users, he grants them access to download and share files on this platform.
  4. Postal providers. Even if you're not familiar with the different types of file sharing, you've probably already used file sharing through email providers. Every time you attach a file or document to your email, you are transmitting data over the open Internet.

What is the best practices of secure file sharing

We bring to your attention proven practices for improving file sharing:
  • make use of VPNs;
  • employ password managers;
  • use strong passwords;
  • set expiration dates for files;
  • limit file access by group;
  • audit access privileges regularly;
  • employ multi-factor authentication;
  • educate and train staff on using your secure file sharing solution;
  • use end-to-end encryption when transferring data;
  • ensure your file sharing software fits into your overall security strategy;
  • be aware of how your solution provider handles your data;
  • review files before sharing;
  • assign simple names to security groups;
  • review security groups regularly;
  • best file sharing platform for business;
  • develop a clear record retention policy.
The best file sharing platform for business

The best file sharing platform for business

The best tools for secure online file sharing for business

One of the best secure file sharing for small businesses is Anwork. This is a special application for the B2B sector that allows you to exchange text messages, files, audio and video messages, and organize audio conferences. The communicator uses a special end-to-end encryption protocol to ensure the security of file sharing.

Using Anwork is easy — the interface is convenient and simple. You can download the onedrive business file sharing application from the website or from Google Play or App Store. To use it, you need a special key. You can clarify information about its acquisition from the company's managers.
Solutions for secure online file sharing for business

Solutions for secure online file sharing for business

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