Why communications security is important

Many companies still have no idea about the importance of information security for business. Managers mistakenly believe that their information is completely safe and protected from any threats. And this is a big mistake.

We will tell you why communications security is important and what tools you need to use to ensure it.

Why communication security is vital for business

Information security is the practice of preventing unauthorized access, use, disclosure, distortion, alteration, research, recording or destruction of information.

The loss of important information can cause serious damage, which will lead to a domino effect, when a number of unpleasant consequences appear, for example, damage to the company's image, loss of important documents, and so on. By ignoring cybersecurity issues, one might put the entire company at risk, because it risks, among other things, the information of customers and business partners.

Many SMBs tend to feel that they are not a potential target and therefore do not need to invest in data security. Due to the lack of information security, many successful attacks have targeted companies of this size.
Communications security is the basis of business stability

Communications security is the basis of business stability

According to experts, cybercrime will cost companies around the world approximately $10.5 trillion a year in 2025 (up from $3 trillion in 2015). Growth rates are quite high.

What types of communication in the workplace should be secure

Security communications include the following types of communications:

  • information about goods, contacts of suppliers, and information about contractors and subcontractors;
  • information about technologies for rendering services and production of goods;
  • information about customers and contractors;
  • management decisions, marketing, financial plans.

Customer Data

When people talk about protecting customer data, they mean personally identifiable information (PII). This term refers to markers that point to a particular person. For example, name, address, email, bank card number or IP address.

Why it’s important:
  1. Law. Data protection laws vary by country and apply to the location of the user (and not the data processor). Therefore, it is likely that digital businesses will face GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation for EU Citizens) or CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) and other regulations. Failure to follow the rules results in fines.
  2. Trust of users and reputation of the company. Data leakage is a breach of trust. Even top brands have received a portion of the negative, and some even class action lawsuits after cases of data leaks.
  3. Time and cost of work. Without reliable ways to protect data, business processes deteriorate. In addition to the legal and PR results of errors, employees will have to spend time investigating incidents and resolving the consequences, which may slow down the work of the company's systems and processes.
The best methods to do communications secure

The best methods to do communications secure

Intellectual Property

The problem of protecting intellectual property rights is an important issue for communications security specialists. Countering criminal acts is complex, due to the following reasons:

  1. Offenses occur not only on the Internet, but also on other information and telecommunication networks
  2. A variety of offenses are committed using such networks: plagiarism and illegal trade in objects of intellectual property rights.

If you want your business to be one step ahead, make sure you are provided with security communications.

Internal Communication

To ensure security in data communications, the following features must be present in chats:

  • authorization at application launch;
  • encryption of forwarded messages;
  • secret chats — special chats with additional security features;
  • hidden chats;
  • user verification;
  • data backup.

The best practices to protect business communication

The group of security in data communications methods combines hardware and software. The main ones include:

  • backup and remote storage of the most important data arrays in a computer system — on a regular basis;
  • duplication and redundancy of all network subsystems that are important for data safety;
  • creation of an opportunity to redistribute network resources in cases of malfunction of individual elements;
  • ensuring the ability to use backup power supply systems;
  • ensuring safety from fire or water damage to equipment;
  • installation of software that ensures the protection of databases and other information from unauthorized access;
  • using special applications for correspondence.
Anwork — is the best app for secure communications

Anwork — is the best app for secure communications

What tools may help

A good way for communications security is using a special communicator — Anwork. It is a special application for business, with which you can send text messages, files, organize audio and video conferences. The application uses end-to-end encryption, as well as modern data protection methods.

You can download Anwork for security communications on the website, from Google Play or App Store. A special key is required for use, which you can purchase separately.
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