Which is the most secure video calling app

Today, many people have to work remotely, while not missing work moments and conferences. For quick communication with colleagues and superiors, you need to use the secure video calling app.

A very important parameter for business is the security of video calls. The intervention of third parties in the communication process adversely affects the information security of the company and its reputation.

We will explain what makes a video calling app secure, how to choose the right one and give specific examples.

How to choose an App for video calls

It is very important to take a responsible approach to choose a secure app for video calling. After all, business security directly depends on this. During the selection process, pay attention to the following characteristics:
  • Possibilities. Today, any messenger has good functionality, whether it is sending free messages, making calls, or chatting in group chats with several users at the same time. It is worth paying attention to the nuances and making a choice in favor of an application that meets your individual needs and tasks. For example, if you are the head of a company and you need to gather your employees for quick online planning meetings right in the messenger, you should pay attention to whether there are restrictions on the number of users participating in calls and the time of the call.
  • The comfort of the workflow. The application should allow one-to-one calls or large-scale real-time video calls, solving work issues faster and more productively.
Which app is secure for video calling
  • Safety. This criterion remains key when choosing the most secure video calling app. The most reliable method of protection is end-to-end encryption. End-to-end encryption is a method of protecting data to which only the sender and recipient have access to it. At the same time, it is important that the technology be enabled in the messenger "by default", that is, to activate such protection, the user does not need to take additional actions, this option is already active. This level of security is the best available today.
  • Flexible management. The user should be able to control users' cameras and microphones, assign speakers, and add or remove meeting participants as they chat. It’s good if, with the help of one application, it will be possible to share content, work together on documents, show presentations, chat, record video meetings, and exchange files with a colleague.

What makes a video calling App good

Video calling is a popular and simple tool for remote communication with employees and customers of your company, which significantly saves time and money on transportation costs. Today, there is a large selection of video chatting services that are affordable and easy to use. The presence of the following characteristics makes the application really good:

  • video quality;
  • limit of participants in a group meeting;
  • time limits;
  • convenience and intuitiveness of the interface;
  • a set of collaboration tools;
  • the presence of a messenger;
  • the ability to transfer files;
  • languages supported by the service;
  • ensuring the security of personal data.
Most secure video calling app

How to be sure a video calling app is safe

There is a way to protect video calls that provides maximum anonymity — this is end-to-end encryption.

End-to-end encryption ensures the availability of calls, messages, photos, and all other data inside the chat only to two interlocutors, without the possibility of falling into third parties. While the message goes all the way from one user to another, it is encrypted, so no one can see it except the interlocutor.
When we talk about end-to-end encryption, we are talking about a combination of methods such as symmetric and asymmetric data encryption.

Symmetric encryption means that the same cryptographic key is used for both encryption and decryption. In addition, the algorithms necessary for protection are applied to it, since the key itself, as a rule, is not enough. The data is shuffled in such a way as to ensure maximum security. However, the key can still be guessed, so security professionals change values such as key length, complexity, and number of rounds of conversion.

Asymmetric encryption is the use of a public and private key to protect data. The first is used to encrypt data, and the second is used to decrypt it.
How to use encrypted communications tools

What are some of the best & most secure video calling apps

The modern IT market offers various applications for video communication. One of the best is Anwork, the most secure app for video calling, created for the B2B segment. It's peculiar that communication takes place in closed groups, which can only be entered by invitation — a special code that is active for an hour. The main features of Anwork include:

  • the ability to make secure video calls;
  • the presence of end-to-end encryption and the use of various security algorithms;
  • the ability to exchange different types of files;
  • the option for organizing audio conferences;
  • the ability to set the timer for automatic deletion of correspondence;
  • the possibility of emergency input of a pin code to delete correspondence;
  • no registration is required.

Anwork is easy to use — its interface is intuitive. To use the application, you need a special license key, which can be purchased from the manufacturer.
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