How secure is video calling

From homeschooling our kids to full-time remote work to keeping in touch with friends and family — we increasingly rely on the Internet to stay connected. Video calls are one of the most important elements of this process. In April 2020, the number of daily meeting participants using the Zoom platform reached 300 million, while in December 2019 there were only 10 million. The number of users has increased thirty-fold in just four months.

It is important for video security to be at the highest level. In the article, we will tell you whether video calling is a secure form of business correspondence and what applications are there to ensure it.

Is video calling secure

Many security concerns stem from the fact that most video calling services for business collect too much data about their users. It applies to popular cross-platform services like ZOOM, Houseparty and others.

Unfortunately, not all video call services are end-to-end encrypted and open source. A number of them don't have multi-factor authentication and don’t fulfill the data deletion requirement.
Best secure video calling for you

Best secure video calling for you

Can you be hacked through a video call

According to a recent report by cybersecurity firm McAfee, video calling software can be hacked and used to spy on its users. Unfortunately, a number of application developers still do not solve security problems.

How secure video calling is — this question worries many users. To ensure your own Internet security, it is important to choose the most secure video calling app.

How safe is video calling on widespread apps

Most well-known video calling applications for business use end-to-end encryption. End-to-end encryption doesn’t allow any form of data to be recognized. As a result, the third party can only receive unreadable, encrypted data that they cannot decrypt. Only the recipient can decrypt the data using the appropriate decryption key.

As an additional security measure, video calling apps use two-factor authentication. This is a method of user identification by requesting two different types of authentication data, which provides a two-layer, and therefore more effective, protection of the account from unauthorized entry. In practice the first frontier is a login and password, the second is a special code that comes via SMS or email.
The most secure video calling app

The most secure video calling app

What to do to ensure that video call is protected

In order to ensure the safety of video calls in business correspondence, you need to use high-quality applications. Be guided by the following criteria when choosing an application:

  • the presence of end-to-end encryption;
  • the inability to intercept and record video calls by outsiders;
  • strict compliance with the terms of use of your account data and privacy policy;
  • storing data on your smartphone, but not on the server;
  • the inability to accidentally download malware and, as a result, become a victim of a hacker attack.

Which is the most secure video calling app

In order to ensure a secure connection, use the following most secure video calling apps:

  • Signal Private Messenger. A clear and accessible application interface will help you communicate by text, voice and video. Additional registration is not required — only your phone number and address book are required. Signal Private Messenger offers users strong end-to-end encryption and a screen lock PIN for added security. You can also hide pop-up messages so that they don't show up on the lock screen. Perhaps, it’s the most secure video calling app
  • Wickr. Another great option for secure video calls. The Wickr product line consists of free and paid versions for individuals and organizations. The advantages of the application include anonymous accounts, modern encryption algorithms, and the absence of recording user metadata.
Anwork is the best secure video calling app

Anwork is the best secure video calling app

  • Wire. A corporate communication tool with a good reputation. It has secure messaging, group chat, file sharing, and the ability to work securely with external clients. The application uses end-to-end encryption, open source, and self-destructing messages. The app is fully GDPR compliant.
  • Anwork. One of the best secure video calling apps for business. It doesn’t require registration, communication takes place in closed groups, which can only be accessed by invitation. Anwork uses E2E encryption as well as other encryption protocols in work chats.

Are there any highly secure video calling software

In order to provide high-quality video calling for your company's employees, use Anwork — the most secure video calling app for the B2B sector. It has a simple interface and guarantees maximum user protection. You can download the application from the website, Google Play or AppStore. You will need a license key to use it. Use the contacts on the site to get consultation.
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