The growing need for encrypted communications

Today, the Internet is the most popular place for communication. Applications, services, and specialized platforms — all these ensure fast communication and high-quality data transfer anywhere in the world.

However, ensuring that our communications remain private and secure is becoming increasingly difficult, which is why business and consumer users are increasingly using encrypted communications apps.

In the article, we will explain what encrypted communications are, what the advantages of using them are, and where they are applied. We will also give specific examples of effective applications.

What are encrypted communications

Encrypted communications help users protect data and privacy during sending messages or storing files on a device. Encryption ensures that data will not be intercepted in transit, and stored files will not fall into the wrong hands, even if the device on which they are stored is lost or stolen. The Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic has further increased the use of messaging and video conferencing apps as the safest way to communicate with family and friends.

In this type of communication, end-to-end encryption is actively used, as well as modern security algorithms. They allow you to protect user information as much as possible.
Encrypted cellular communications

The importance of encrypted communications

End-to-end encryption provides true privacy. Only when the data is encrypted can you be sure that no one is listening to it — whether you are communicating with other people through encrypted chat apps or encrypted email.

Encryption allows you to communicate privately on the Internet. It's like a personal conversation or a whisper in your ear — only on the worldwide web. Only in an end-to-end encrypted communication process do the sender and recipient have access to critical information.

Advantages and disadvantages of encrypted communications

Encrypted communications have their advantages and disadvantages. Protecting information by encryption has several advantages:

  • ensuring the integrity of corporate data stored in electronic form;
  • protection of databases, mail, and other systems from unauthorized access;
  • protection of information from copying and disclosure;
  • increasing the level of corporate ethics by ensuring the security of personal messaging.

Encrypted mobile communications also have several disadvantages. Thus, encryption does not protect against vulnerabilities and threats that arise from poor design of systems, protocols, and procedures of the security infrastructure.
Advantages and disadvantages of encrypted communications
It is important to note that the level of security provided by encryption is based on the computational complexity of the mathematical problems. Any breakthrough in solving such mathematical problems or increasing computational power could make cryptographic techniques vulnerable.

How to use encrypted communications tools

Encrypted communications apps have a wide range of uses. They can be used both in private life and for solving work issues. Encrypted communications will be especially useful for:

  • organization of working correspondence between employees;
  • creating high-quality customer support;
  • the negotiation process between companies and clients;
  • organization of parental control over children;
  • functioning of state organizations in various fields;
  • organization of secure exchange of confidential information.

Encrypted mobile communications

One of the current trends in the development of encrypted communications is the creation of special applications. They are actively used for work and personal correspondence, they have simple and powerful functionality.
If an application claims to be safe, then the following protection mechanisms should be implemented in it:

  • mandatory use of end-to-end encryption at all levels of communication;
  • deleting messages and clearing the history of the application at the end of the communication;
  • no record of user meta-data;
  • conducting a regular independent security audit of your solution, as new bugs and vulnerabilities can become a target for attacks by intruders;
  • transparency of the service: anyone can check the application for invulnerability;
  • lack of data export from the operating system of the smartphone;
  • implemented an SSL-pinning mechanism.
How to use encrypted communications tools
Often such solutions don’t require additional qualifications and costs for implementation and technical support, so the demand for them in the corporate environment is growing.

What are some of the best of encrypted communications Apps

There are many applications whose creators claim that their solutions are the best. However, in practice, using such apps raises many questions.

Indeed one of the best of encrypted communications is Anwork. This is an application created specifically for the B2B segment. It implements end-to-end encryption at all levels and by default. The advantages of the communicator also include:

  • lack of registration;
  • communication in closed groups, which can only be accessed by invitation;
  • use of end-to-end encryption and modern security algorithms;
  • the ability to transfer different types of files;
  • the ability to make audio and video calls, organize audio conferences;
  • data storage is not on the server, but in the memory of the smartphone;
  • option to automatically delete messages after a certain time;
  • emergency PIN entry option to delete correspondence;
  • the ability to create notes and assign an executor for tasks.

You need a license key to use Anwork. The app allows you to solve a large number of tasks. He is a real assistant in the organization of secure communication.
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