What is the best encrypted text messaging app for Android

Have you ever had to whisper something in another person's ear without anyone else hearing? Most likely, everyone has done this in their life. These days, many people spend more time chatting online than they do face-to-face communication. Do you ever happen to say, write, or send something that others shouldn't hear, read, or see? If yes, then in this case it is best to use a messenger with encryption.

This article is about why you need a secure messenger. We will look at the best encrypted text messaging app for Android, as well as important features when choosing them. Each of these applications has both advantages and disadvantages, each offering a different approach to data security.

What makes a text messaging app secure

The main security issue for messaging apps is privacy. It reflects the extent to which private messages are available to third parties, which companies develop applications, and even whether government agencies collect data about citizens. When evaluating the security of messaging applications, the following key points should be considered:

  • End-to-end encryption. With end-to-end encryption of private messages, only the sender and the recipient of messages have the keys for decryption. End-to-end encryption means that not only correspondence is encoded, but also all other information that users exchange during communication: documents, photos, videos and music.
  • Open source. Open source means that the application is open to external review and audit by experts, which can be useful for drawing attention to weaknesses or vulnerabilities in the code.
The best encrypted text messaging app for Android
  • Automatic messages deletion. Some messengers for Android have the function of completely deleting the correspondence — when it "disappears" after a certain time after reading. Automatic deletion can be implemented by default or as a custom option. Of course, it is not always convenient to not be able to return to old messages and reread them. However, this solution provides a high level of security. No traces — no information for crackers.
  • Access to messages from the service provider. It is much better if the company that owns the messenger does not have access to users' messages. To do this, messages should either be encrypted with algorithms that are not available for decryption from the server, or simply not be stored there.

Are there reliable free chat apps for Android

Free chat apps for Android allow people to chat with their family, friends, customers, etc. You can use these apps for group chat, send stickers, make voice and video calls, send multimedia messages, and integrate multiple services. However, not all free applications are reliable in terms of security. Sometimes it's best to pay for a license and be sure that your information is safe.
What are the best text messaging apps for Android

Anwork is one of the best text messaging app for Android with encryption

Anwork is one of the best business communications apps designed for the B2B segment. It is rapidly becoming popular due to the highest level of confidentiality of corporate information and a number of important advantages

An important feature of Anwork is communication in closed groups, which can only be entered by invitation and by entering a special code. Information in groups is securely protected by end-to-end encryption, which means that it will not be intercepted by intruders. All Anwork app messages, images, and files are stored locally on your phone.
Anwork is suitable for both small startups and large corporations. Using the application, you can exchange text messages, make audio and video calls. An interesting option is the ability to set a timer for deleting messages. Along with them, the metadata is also deleted.

By using Anwork, you can:

  • send text messages;
  • make video calls;
  • make audio calls;
  • create notes;
  • choose an executor for tasks;
  • set a timer for deleting the history of correspondence.
  • enter an emergency PIN to delete the conversation.
Using encrypted text messaging app can improve your business


The best encrypted text messaging apps for Android significantly improve business. Use this software, and you can reliably protect corporate information and user data. When choosing an application, be sure to pay attention to its compliance with the above requirements.
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