Best Business Communication Software to use for today

It is very difficult for businesses to operate successfully and achieve their goals if they do not use effective business communication tools. Even after their implementation and development, a business has a long way to go to become an authority among customers and target audience.

One of the tried and true ways to gain customer trust is to keep their data private and secure. By protecting personal information, you will show the importance of each of them.

If you are already doing this, then be sure that you have reached your goal. For online communications in business, it is worth using Anwork, the best app for business communication.

What is ANWORK

ANWORK is a popular app for business team communication. It’s used for the development of a system of interaction and communication in business. The app is designed specifically for the B2B segment. It works great on Android and iPhone devices, and has become in demand due to the highest level of confidentiality of corporate information.
An important feature of this software is the ability to automatically delete text messages after a certain period of time. Information is not stored on the smartphone, and using the communicator is simple and convenient.

Let's talk in more detail about the advantages of Anwork over similar applications for business.

Communication in closed groups

You can get into closed groups only by invitation and with the help of a unique code. Groups do not depend on each other, the information in them is protected by end-to-end encryption. The application does not have a list of contacts - they cannot be intercepted by attackers. Also, Anwork does not store user data.

Ability to exchange various kinds of information

Using the Anwork app for small business communication, you can exchange text, audio and video information. Chats are protected with E2E encryption without the use of a central server. P2P architecture is used to make video calls and organize audio conferences (up to 5 people).

Anwork is suitable for:

  • making calls with employees or individual companies;
  • communication with clients and partners;
  • communication at all levels.

Increased security level

Anwork is an asymmetric communication system for doing business online. All the information is stored inside the application in encrypted form. Anwork uses the following algorithms to ensure security:

  • Extended Triple Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange (3-DH)
  • Double Ratchet Algorithm;
  • Prekeys;
  • Curve25519;
  • AES-256;
  • HMAC-SHA256.

Anwork does not require user identification, linking to a phone number or mail. After the first login to the applications, each has its own unique "bundle" of keys.

Automatic deletion option

The Anwork app for business communication has a function to automatically delete information (including metadata). The user can set the frequency of clearing the chat.

It is enough to enter a PIN code in emergency cases - all information will be instantly deleted.

Take Advantage of Anwork

Anwork is a unique tool for business communication. Its use will protect important data and ensure ease of communication. To get more information about ANWORK visit
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