The present Privacy Policy ("Policy") of the Anwork mobile application ("Anwork") describes the method of processing Users data. Downloading, installing and using Anwork represents your consent to this Policy, to the Right Holder's data processing practices as described in the Policy, as well agreement to the transfer of your encrypted information and metadata to European Union Member States and other countries where the Right Holder has or uses software and hardware systems, service providers or partners. Examples may include third-party vendors sending you a validation code and processing your support service requests.
Use of Anwork by you represents your agreement with the present Privacy Policy.
This Policy is an integral part of the documents referring to it, including the Anwork Mobile Application License Agreement (the "Agreement").
Unless otherwise expressly set forth in this Policy, the terms and definitions used herein shall have the meaning set forth in the Agreement.

The Right Holderuses state-of-the-art security and end-to-end encryption in the developing and maintaining Anwork. Anwork is a mobile application for collaborative work that allows its Users to create secure professional networks for sending messages and files.
When you download, install and use Anwork, the Right Holder does not collect or store any confidential information.
Anwork provides end-to-end encryption of text, graphic, audio and video messages and files. The abovementioned information and files will not be available to the Right Holder or any third party, as they are stored on the servers of the Right Holder and other software and hardware systems in encrypted form and are deleted after being downloaded to the User's Device.
The information and files are processed locally on the Users Devices. If information and/or files have been delivered to the User Device and downloaded by the User to the internal memory of the Device, such information and/or files will be beyond the reach of Anwork.
After the selected period of 1 to 14 days, or when you uninstall Anwork, all data on your Device is automatically deleted.
The Right Holder does not own or keep unencrypted copies of messages and files you exchange through Anwork, or keys to be able to decrypt the User content.
The Anwork mobile application is a confidential and secure business tool.

While using Anwork, the Right Holder does not collect, use or store any data relating to the User (personal data), including:
· The Right Holder does not collect, use or store any data to identify the User (personal data);
· The Right Holder does not collect, use or store any anonymized (analytical, statistical) data about the User;
· The Right Holder does not track, record or store unique information about Users' Device, IP address or geographic location data or similar metadata related to your use of Anwork.

Anwork does not ask for authentication, and you do not register your phone number and/or email address when you create User Profile. During you first log in, you are automatically assigned a standard name and avatar, which can be optionally changed in your Profile during the first session or later.
Profile’s data is stored locally on the User's Device only.
Anwork allows you to exchange information with other Users at your own discretion, in particular the following data: name (nickname), text, graphic, audio and video messages and files, other data created and transmitted by you in/through Anwork, including in the «Chat», «Tasks», «Settings» sections. The Right Holder does not collect or store any of the above data. All data is stored exclusively in the Anwork instance (on the User's Device) and/or securely transmitted to other Users at your discretion in encrypted form using Signal cryptographic protocol.
Neither the Right Holder nor any other party can decipher or otherwise access the contents of your messages, transmitted files or calls made, including without direct access to your Device. Anwork queues end-to-end encrypted messages on its servers for delivery to User Devices that are temporarily disabled (for example, a mobile device with a dead battery). Your message history is stored on your own Devices.
The Right Holder does not transfer the Users' data to any third party for any purpose.
Additional technical information, including randomly generated authentication tokens, keys, push tokens and other materials necessary for establishing calls and messaging are stored on the servers of the Right Holder. The Right Holder limits this additional technical information to the minimum necessary for the operation of Anwork.
Storage of data on the Right Holder's servers: servers store encrypted messages that you send and receive for up to 24 hours in order to ensure their secure delivery to each Device associated with your Profile and the Profiles to which you transmit messages. The Right Holder retains certain Profile information (for example, when a User has registered and Profile settings have changed). User Profile information is stored on the servers for as long as you use Anwork.
Push notifications: When you set up your Anwork account, you will be asked if you want to be notified of new messages, software updates, and other administrative and technological developments. Push notifications are features of your Device's operating system, so if you enable this feature, your Device's operating system provider will know that you are using Anwork, but will not be able to see the content of the messages you send while using Anwork.
Customer Service: any information provided to the Right Holder by the user voluntarily when the user contacts the customer service or provides feedback (e.g. email address, content of his/her request) will be used to respond to that individual request and may also be used to improve customer service, to solve any problems related to Anwork, or to improve the operation of Anwork.
The Right Holder does not collect or store the User's information and data on servers, and other software and hardware systems but shall use them to transmit data between devices. In case of unauthorized access and distribution of any information and data through the User's Device, the Right Holder shall not be responsible for the occurrence and consequences of such access.
The organization which you are affiliated with may store information about you and your use of Anwork, such as your Profile information, for as long as the organization needs it. Please consult with such organization for more information about its specific data retention policies.
By downloading, installing and using Anwork, you acknowledge, accept and agree that the Right Holder may use third-party software in Anwork, which may result in automatically receiving and transmitting of anonymized data by such entities.
A list of the third parties' software with indication of personal data collected by them is represented in Appendix 1 to this Policy. The composition and terms of collection and use of anonymized data by the copyright holders of such software are determined directly by such copyright holders and are regulated by documents that are posted and/or available on their websites on the Internet.
By accepting this Policy, and by making certain settings in your software, including your Device's operating system, you agree to the terms of data collection and use by the copyright holders of the software listed in Appendix 1.

The Right Holder will review and update this Policy from time to time. Any changes to this Policy will take effect when the revised Policy is posted on this webpage:
Please check this website regularly to see any updates or changes to this Policy.
The revised Policy is effective as of the date it is posted, unless otherwise specified in the revised Policy.
The current version of this Policy is available online at:

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Appendix 1
Valid version of the Policy dated April 05, 2022.